July 25th, 2023

Videos of Mukogawa Women's University are currently aired on large digital signage at Nishinomiya-Kitaguchi, Sannomiya and Namba.

A video promoting the Department of History and Culture, which will open in April 2024 in the Faculty of Letters, is being simultaneously screened on large digital signage screens at Hankyu Nishinomiya-Kitaguchi Station, in front of Sannomiya Station and in front of the main staircase at Nankai Namba Station from 24 July until 31 July. The Mukogawa Women's University and the establishment of the Department of History and Culture will be promoted in the vicinity of the terminal stations, where the number of high school students is on the rise as the summer holidays approach.

Two videos are being broadcast: 'I will find my own way to the future' (15 seconds), featuring the main visual by MUKOJO ACTION, and 'I will DIVE into the historical world' (15 seconds), an animation featuring a high school girl who loves history. The two videos are linked together and run for 30 seconds at 10-15 minute intervals on the Wide Vision in Hankyu Nishinomiya-Kitaguchi Station and on the OS Vision in front of Sannomiya Station, while only the MUKOJO ACTION video runs every six minutes on the Twin Vision at Nankai Namba Station.

The OS Vision in front of Sannomiya Station was easily visible from the plaza and the pedestrian crossing from the JR side to the Hankyu direction, and people waiting at traffic lights could be seen watching it. The Galleria Twin Vision in Namba is naturally visible from Nankai Namba Station when riding  down the escalator, and is expected to be seen by a large number of people due to its short broadcast cycle.

From 28th of  July to the 10th of August, a 15-second video clip, 'I will find my own way to the future', will be shown as a commercial before the film 'How Do You Live' airs at Osaka Station City Cinema, TOHO Cinemas Namba, TOHO Cinemas LaLaport Kadoma and TOHO Cinemas Odaiba, TOHO CINEMAS Otori.

From 5th of July to 4th of August, the missed video service TVer is also distributing the animation video and open campus information of "Watashi wa Historic World ni DIVE suru". More and more people are likely to encounter the visuals of Mukogawa Women's University, at the cinema and on their smartphones.