<日本語/English> 朝日放送テレビの番組「Co.☆ラボ」(日曜17:55~18:00)で9月12日、武庫川女子大学附属中学校・高等学校のAIやデータサイエンスの取り組みが紹介されます


Mukogawa Women’s University Junior and Senior High school will be on Asahi Television Broadcasting program on September 12th (on air at 17:55~18:00)


English below.















“Co.☆Lab” is the name of the program the Junior and Senior High school will be on. It aims to focus on their AI and data sciences initiatives that the school is a part of.


The recording was primarily centered on the robot research team as well as the softball club.


The robot research team is producing guide robots to lead and monitor around the school. They are also under construction of monorails to pass through the school to assist in directions.  Come November, the school will serve as a venue for the research meeting where about 50 schools across the nation is expected to come together. The robot originates from the Mukogawa Women’s University character, Lavy the rabbit. The robot is programmed to recognize voices on call and display the school map on the monitor.


As for the softball club, they have newly welcomed a machinery “rapsword” which can measure and record the speed of the ball thrown, the angle at the time of release. It then collects the data and it will be further used for analyzing in data science classes. By analyzing the data, it enables for identifying characteristics of each player and make further suggestions for improvements.


In the recording of the program, the students can be seen checking the screen while calling on the robot and making a school map on their computers. The students also answered questions in an interview, too. In another scene, members of the softball club is practicing using the rapsword and the data being reflected on to an iPad.


A separate dialog was recorded with the principal, Ms. Fujimori being interviewed and asked for comments as the filming proceeded. When asked with “what do you want to convey to your students?” Ms. Fujimori replied “I would like for the students to be able to collect and analyze information at their own wills.”



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