<日本語/English> 東京オリンピックの女子シンクロ高飛込で6位入賞を果たした荒井祭里さんが9月3日、学内で出場報告会を行い、特別褒章を受けました。


Tokyo 2020 Olympian, Matsuri Arai reporting of duty on

September 3rd.


English below.










On September 3rd, Olympic diver Matsuri Arai who scored 6th in her sport of synchronized diving at Tokyo 2020 Olympics paid visit to Mukogawa Women’s University. Arai, who is in her third year of Health and Sports Science Department at Mukogawa Women’s University was given a reward for her effort in the competition by the chairman of Mukogawa Women's University, Mr. Okawara. The reward translates to “Dream and Rainbow Fund” which is provided to support and celebrate individuals to aid in maximizing their potentials.


At the meeting, attendees included Mr. Okawara, the chairman of Mukogawa Women’s University, the headmaster Mr. Seguchi, the vice head Mr. Yamazaki and the director of the swimming club, Professor Yasue Tajima and the Olympian Matsuri Arai, herself.


Ms. Arai competed in two competitions, high diving and synchronized diving, and although she was unfortunately defeated in the qualifying in high diving, she advanced to the final in synchronized diving and finished in 6th place. Ms. Arai commented “in the synchronized diving category, I came close to reaching to a medal. On the other hand, in the high dive I couldn’t perform as well and it was frustrating. Despite the outcomes, I think it was a great experience to be a part of the Olympic Games and I’ll continue to train hard for the next one.”


Mr. Okawara added “Good job on your performance. You’re still young so there’s hope for the future. The 3 years until next one in Paris will come by fast.”


The reward fund was given to Ms. Arai from the representatives of Mukogawa Women’s University and she in return presented a plate that symbolizes her participation commemoration in exchange.


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