3年ぶりに対面で実施された第73回近畿数学教育学会が2月19日、大阪総合保育大学で行われ、教育学科教授 神原一之ゼミの3年生が研究成果をポスター発表しました。





   中部 花保  中濱 綾乃  石坪 千代  中西 碧 


   北村 はるな  西野 光咲 







Third-year students of the Professor Kambara's Seminar, Department of Education, made a Presentation on their Research Outcomes at the 73rd Kinki Mathematics Education Conference.


 On February 19, third-year students of the Professor Kambara's Seminar, Department of Education, made  poster presentations on the outcomes of their four-month research at the 73rd Kinki Mathematics Education Conference, which was held face to face for the first time in the last three years.


 Two groups spent approximately four months working on setting themes, objectives, and methods, creating questionnaires, and analyzing and discussing the data collected during the second semester's of 2022. The following are the titles and presenters at the conference:


(1) Children's Understanding of the Height of a Triangle 

   Kaho Nakabe, Ayano Nakahama, Chiyo Ishitsubo, Aoi Nakanishi

(2) Female College Students' Performance on  Optimization of Small Changes

   Haruna Kitamura  Mitsuki Nishino 


 Five undergraduate student made presentations at this year's conference from two universities (Shimane University Faculty of Education and Mukogawa Women's University Faculty of Education). All the others presentations were made by graduate students of pre-service and in-service status, and in-service teachers.



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