<日本語/English>#SASS2022 大学生による中高生のためのSDGs / サスティナビリティアワードの ファイナリストの高校生有志と交流会を行いました 


English below. 


「#SASS2022 大学生による中高生のためのSDGs / サスティナビリティアワード」の ファイナリストの高校生有志18人が28日、武庫川女子大学を訪れ、同アワードの運営に携わった学生12人と交流会を行いました。

このアワードは、大学生が運営する中高生のSDGs動画コンテストで、本学の経営学部と慶應義塾大学の横田教授の自主ゼミ(株式会社横田アソシエイツ)が呼びかけ、2020年にスタートしました。当初より経営学部の学生が実践学習の一環で運営に参画しており、2022年度は8人の学生が活動しています。今回のテーマは「SDGsを考え行動し発信する」。テーマに沿った 2~5 分の映像を全国の中高生から募集し、全国67校から最多の262作品の応募があり、参加者は1007名にのぼりました。





Social gathering with the finalists of #SASS2022 SDGs / Sustainability Award for junior high and high school students organized by university students.


Eighteen high school students who were finalists in the #SASS2022 SDGs / Sustainability Award visited Mukogawa Women's University on March 28th, and had an exchange meeting with 12 students who were involved in the management of the award.


The SDGs video contest for junior and senior high school students run by university students, was launched in 2020, called for by the University's Faculty of Business Administration and Professor Yokota's independent seminar at Keio University (Yokota Associates, Inc.). Since the beginning, students from the Faculty of Business Administration have participated in the management of the contest as part of their practical learning, and eight students are working on this project in FY2022. The theme of this year's event is "Let's think, act and communicate about SDGs."  2-5 minute videos on the theme from junior high and high school students across Japan, and  262 submissions were collected, the largest number of submissions from 67 schools nationwide, with 1007 participants.


Students from seven universities, including eight from the School of Business Administration, were responsible for managing the awards. Meetings were held in groups for the website, teaching materials, public relations (SNS), middle and high school liaison, and judging. Thirty-eight works were selected as finalists in the preliminary screening by university students, and after the final screening, 15 award-winning works were announced on March 22.


Social gatherings were called for finalists and were held in Tokyo on the 27th and in Kansai on the 28th. Due to the pandemic, all the events, including the awards ceremony, had been held online, so there were few opportunities for participants to meet each other, and this was the first in person event. Participating high school students were divided into groups with university students from the management side, and held workshops such as calculating their lives backward towards the time when they become 30. High school students commented that "interacting with the other finalists gave us an opportunity to reflect on our own activities and think about what we need to work on next."


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