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The fiscal year 2023 has begun.


On April 1st, 2023, Mukogawa Women's University newly opened the Faculty of Psychology and Social Welfare, the Faculty of Social Informatics, and the Department of Sports Management in the Faculty of Health and Sports Science, bringing the total to 12 faculties and 19 departments. On the first day of the new academic year, an appointment ceremony was held for new faculty members joining Mukogawa Gakuin and a general meeting of the administrative office was held prior to the entrance ceremony, marking a lively start to the new academic year.


This year, 77 new faculty members have joined the university, junior college, affiliated junior and senior high schools, nursery schools, and administrative offices. At the appointment ceremony, Dean Ryo Okawara said, "We are now being forced to deal with a variety of issues for which there are no clear answers, such as the unexpectedly low birthrate, globalization, digitalization, diversity, and the SDGs. In these times, it is important to trust in the wisdom of people. As we approach the 100th anniversary of the founding of the institute, which will be celebrated in 16 years, we will embody our vision of "empowering women to nurture a lifetime of learning. She also called on the faculty and staff to work together as one and move forward to continue to be a women's university that is needed by the community.”


At the plenary meeting of the administrative office, newly appointed staff members took the stage and addressed the audience one by one. The representative expressed her determination, "I will do my best to help the institute celebrate its 100th anniversary in a spectacular way."


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