<日本語/English> 経営学科福井ゼミのコラボレーション企画として、マリオンクレープをライブラリーカフェで販売。学生たちでにぎわっています。


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Marion Crepes are sold at the Library Cafe as a collaborative project of the Fukui Seminar of the Department of Business Administration. It is bustling with students.


Harajuku Marion Crepe, which pioneered the crepe-eating culture with the launch of Japan's first paper-wrapped crepe, opened a store for a limited period of one week at the Library Café on the first floor of the Central Library on main campus from April 17th. Many students stopped by and queued up to try the crepes.


The project was developed in collaboration with Professor Makoto Fukui's seminar at the Department of Business Administration, with the aim of increasing Marion Crepe's name recognition in the Kansai region and attracting more people to the library.


Twelve third-year students from the Fukui Seminar participated. In November of last year, Marion Crepe representatives visited the Library Café and decided to open a store. In March, seminar students and Marion Crepe representatives initiated meetings. They decided on a method for advance notice and a visual for the Mukojo store, and began disseminating information via Instagram.


A student in line to purchase a crepe commented, "I'm happy I was able to eat one at the university."


One student was seen giving away free vouchers in return for a follow on their Instagram account said, "It is a valuable experience to be able to operate a real store on campus. The women's university is perfect for marketing research because the targeting is quite clear," she said.


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