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美術教育や現代美術、絵画、アートマネジメントが専門で、教育学科学科長 藤井達矢教授は、「まさに素粒子が変幻自在に姿を変え、私たちに生きる喜びや幸せを運んできてくれる、そんな作品です」と本作品を説明しています。




An exhibition at the Art Box in front of the station square in front of Mukogawa Women's University in Naruo.


The "Everybody's Little Art Box" placed in the plaza in front of the Naruo-Mukogawa Women's University Station has been in operation since April 2021, in collaboration with the Naruo Union Neighborhood Association and the University. The University's art club and faculty have been exhibiting twice a year, and will begin exhibiting for local residents and children this April.


The exhibition was opened by Eiko Yoshikawa, a painter who has lived in Naruo for generations and once served as a lodger for students of MWU.


About her work entitled "Elements of SHIAWASE (elementary particles)," Ms. Yoshikawa explains, "Colorful elementary particles are moving. The mystery of the small life of subatomic particles. I have a feeling that they will bring us happiness. It speaks to me".


During the exhibition period until the end of September, we plan to replace parts of the work and change the exhibition content on a daily basis.


Professor Tatsuya Fujii, who specializes in art education, contemporary art, painting, and art management and is head of the Department of Education, describes the work as "a subatomic particle that transforms itself and brings us the joy and happiness of living."


Plans are also underway to hold exchange events with local artists at the plaza in front of Mukogawa Women's University Station in Naruo, bringing people together in the neighborhood.


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