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"Try and Do Week" at the university Library. 


The "Try and Do Week" is a work experience program for second-year junior high school students in Nishinomiya City to gain work experience at local facilities and businesses. Four students from Kamikoshien Junior High School experienced the work of a librarian at the Mukogawa Women’s University Central Library.


On May 22nd, the students "clocked in" at the university library. After a tour around the facility, they saw the work of a librarian by checking out books to university students at the counter and putting them back on the shelves. At the reference counter, where users consult with the library staff, they looked up articles on "Kamikoshien Junior High School" using a newspaper database.


Each student decided on a theme and spent three days preparing for the special exhibition. They selected books on "Color and Design," "The go-to food for the summer," "The Creatures Next Door," and "Weather and Meteorology." On the final day, the 26th, they presented to the library staff the reasoning behind their choices on the themes and talked about the books, and completed a handwritten theme plaque and book display on the first floor.


In their daily journals, the students wrote about their discoveries, such as "I was surprised at how big the library is and how many books there are," "Repairing the books was difficult but I was happy to be able to do it well," "I enjoyed arranging the shelves to display various books," and "I realized that there are many jobs behind the scenes, not just at the counter.


The students' exhibit can be viewed on the first floor of the Central Library until June 16th.


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