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▽「酒蔵のまち・西宮」の魅力を広く発信するイベント「酒蔵通り 光の宴」(2013年10月5日)







▽日本盛株式会社提供講座 特別教育科目(2020年から)




▽鳴尾エリアマネジメント連絡会主催「鳴尾ふれあいイベント」での経営学部西道ゼミによるJAPAN SODAアンケート収集&サンプリング(2023年5月27日)


▽JAPAN SODAプロジェクト(販売促進に向けての検討)・経営学部神栄ゼミ(2023年



Mukogawa Women's University has signed an agreement on comprehensive cooperation with Nihonsakari Co.


Mukogawa Women's University (President: Kazuyoshi Seguchi) and Nihonsakari Corporation (Yokai-cho, Nishinomiya City, President: Taro Morimoto) signed an agreement on comprehensive collaboration on 26th of June.

 Mukogawa Women's University has been conducting various collaborative projects with Nihonsakari Co., Ltd. in areas such as academics, human resource development and regional contribution, and the conclusion of the comprehensive collaboration will further stimulate the exchange of social, cultural and development of human resources between the two parties, and promote SDGs, which are now required by society.

 Cooperation matters are as follows.

(1) Matters related to the revitalization of local industry.

(2) Human resource development through participation in industry-academia cooperation activities.

(3) Academic, research and educational matters.

(4) Matters relating to the promotion of culture and the arts.

(5) Matters relating to environmental conservation and maintenance.

(6) Matters relating to the promotion of women's activities.

(7) Matters relating to publicity of Nihonsakari products.

(8) Other matters deemed necessary by mutual consultation.

 Past initiatives (examples)

 The 'Sake Brewery Street Light Party' event (5th of October, 2013) to publicize the attractions of 'Nishinomiya, the City of Sake Breweries'.

Students of Mukogawa Women's University Graduate School of Architecture and Nihonsakari Co. created a new sake landscape under the theme of 'light effects and sake revival'.

 The Institute of Life Aesthetics held the 4th Smart Life Forum "Beautiful Sake - Ritual and Utility" at Koshien-Kaikan (former Koshien Hotel) (10th of March 2018). 

- The Matsui Seminar of the Faculty of Food Sciences and Nutrition at Mukogawa Women's University provided 'snacks' to go with sake, while Nihonsakari Co. exhibited and sold related products and offered samples.

- The event will also provide an opportunity to learn about sake from various perspectives, such as the history and benefits of sake, sake from the production site, and the appeal and efficacy of sake.

Courses are offered by Nihonsakari Co. for Special Education Courses (from 2020)

Recruitment of scholarship students for the Japan Sake Scholarship Society (one scholarship student every year from 2021).

 JAPAN SODA questionnaire collection and sampling by the Nishimichi Seminar of the Faculty of Business Administration at the Naruo Fureai Event organized by the Naruo Area Management Liaison Association (27th of May 2023).

 JAPAN SODA Project (study for sales promotion), by the Shinei Seminar of the Faculty of Business Administration (22nd of June 2023).



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