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中央図書館1階ライブラリー・カフェで「陶芸部×図書館 コラボ企画展」を開催しています。ラクロス部に続く第2弾の学友会コラボ企画です。カフェ西側の棚が、陶芸部の作品と「おすすめ本」「陶芸の本」で飾られ、癒しの空間になりました。









「陶芸部×図書館 コラボ企画展」は、中央図書館1階 ライブラリー・カフェで、7月11日まで開催しています。


Workshop held by the Ceramics Club at the Central Library.


The "Ceramics Club x Library Collaboration Project Exhibition" is being held at the Library Cafe on the first floor of the Central Library. This is the second collaborative project of the alumni association following the lacrosse club whom previously held their own exhibition in the library. The shelves on the west side of the café are decorated with works of the Ceramics Club and recommended books and books on ceramics to create a therapeutic ambience.


On the afternoon of June 28, a workshop entitled "Let's Make Bean Plates & Chopstick Rests!" was held, with a total of thirteen students participating in the workshop.


After a brief lecture by a ceramics club member on the process of making the plates and chopstick rests, participants kneaded the clay provided to them and began to create their own unique plates and chopstick rests. They worked on creating small parts and combining them, or trying their hand at creating animals and characters. One of the club members said to a participant who was having a hard time forming a shape while touching the clay, "Sometimes we too often find ourselves kneading the clay, wondering what shape we should make."


Participants write down the glaze color and partial painting details of their finished pieces and submit them to the pottery club members, who finish them off.


 The participating students finished the workshop with smiles on their faces, saying, "It was fun," "I would like to participate again," and "I am looking forward to seeing the finished product."


The club members also felt pleased with the workshop, saying, "I am looking forward to painting the pieces and finishing them."


The "Ceramics Club x Library Collaboration Exhibition" will be held at the Library Café on the first floor of the Central Library until July 11.


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