『World University Games Summer』へ本学の学生3人とコーチ1人が出場します。


English below.


7月28日〜8月8日で中国の成都で行われる『FISU World University Games Summer』(主催:国際大学スポーツ連盟)に新体操部の鈴木菜巴さん(健康・スポーツ科学科1年)、陸上競技部の船田茜理さん(大学院健康・スポーツ科学研究科1年)、テコンドー同好会の丹羽結子さん(大学院健康・スポーツ科学研究科1年)の学生3人とバレーボール部 強化コーチの坂下麻衣子さんが出場します。


『FISU World University Games』は、2019年まで「ユニバーシアード」という名称で開催されていた国際大会です。国際大学スポーツ連盟(FISU)が主催する学生を対象にした大会で、「学生のオリンピック」とも呼ばれています。





新体操部 鈴木菜巴さん



陸上競技部 船田茜理さん



テコンドー同好会 丹羽結子さん



バレーボール部 強化コーチ  坂下麻衣子さん

「女子バレーボール競技に携わらせていただきます。選手として2度、今回はスタッフとして3度目の大会出場になります。『人間力なくして競技力向上なし』の方針のもと、TEAM JAPANの一員として目標達成に向け精一杯頑張りたいと思います。また学生スポーツの楽しさをアピールできるよう尽力してまいります」


Three of our students and a coach will be participating in the "World University Games Summer".


Three students will participate in the "FISU World University Games Summer" (hosted by International University Sports Union) in Chengdu, China, from July 28th to August 8th: Ms. Naruha Suzuki (1st year, Department of Health and Sports Science) from the Rhythmic Gymnastics Club, Ms. Akari Funada (1st year, Graduate School of Health and Sports Science) from the Athletics Club, and Ms. Maiko Sakashita, the Volleyball Club's strengthening coach, Yuiko Niwa, a first-year student in the Graduate School of Health and Sport Sciences, and Maiko Sakashita, a volleyball coach, will participate in the FISU World University Games.

The "FISU World University Games" is an international competition that was held under the name "Universiade" until 2019. Organized by the International University Sports Federation (FISU), it is a competition for students and is also known as the "Student Olympics".

This year's competition in Chengdu was scheduled to be held in 2021, but due to the pandemic, the event was postponed.

 The following are the comments of the four participants.

Naruha Suzuki, Rhythmic Gymnastics Team

"I will do my best to be my authentic self on the global stage."

Akari Funada, Track and Field Team

"I am anxious because this will be my first time competing overseas representing Japan, but I hope to enjoy it as a 'valuable experience'. I am looking forward to the competition, so please cheer for me."

Yuiko Niwa, Tae Kwon Do Club

"This will be my first time competing, but I will do my best to make it to the finals and have a match that I will not regret. I am also grateful to my parents and everyone who supports me, and I will do my best. Please give me your support!"

Maiko Sakashita, Volleyball Club Strengthening Coach

It's an honor to be involved in the women's volleyball competition. This will be my second time as a player and my third time as a staff member. As a member of TEAM JAPAN, I will do my best to achieve our goals under the policy of 'No improvement in sporting ability can be achieved without acquiring leadership skills.’ I will also do my best to promote the fun of the sports to the students.”


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