陸上競技部の船田茜理さん(大学院健康・スポーツ科学研究科1年)が『FISU World University Games Summer』の女子三段跳で8位に入賞しました。


English below. 


8月3~5日まで中国の成都で行われた『FISU World University Games Summer』(主催:国際大学スポーツ連盟、旧ユニバーシアード)の女子三段跳で陸上競技部の船田茜理さん(大学院健康・スポーツ科学研究科1年)8位入賞しました。過去30回のユニバーシアードで日本代表として女子三段跳での入賞は初となる快挙です。






※FISU World University Gamesとは、以前は「ユニバーシアード」という名称で、今回の中国・成都で開催の夏季大会から「FISUワールドユニバーシティゲームズ」と改称されました。国際大学スポーツ連盟が主催し、1959年から2年ごとに行われる世界の学生の競技大会で別名学生のオリンピックともいわれています。


 Akane Funada (1st year, Graduate School of Health and Sport Sciences) of the Athletics Club won 8th place in the women's triple jump at the FISU World University Games Summer (organised by the International University Sports Federation, formerly Universiade) held in Chengdu, China from 3 to 5 August. This is the first time in the past 30 Universiade events that a member of the Japanese national team has won a prize in the women's triple jump.


 This time, she passed the qualifying round in fifth place and finished eighth in the final with a record of 13m23. Ms Funada said: 'This was my first time competing overseas and my first time representing Japan, so I had a lot of firsts and gained a lot of experience. I have some regrets because I had been making adjustments for this competition, but I will continue to grow so that I can surpass the results of this competition. Thank you for all your support." 


 The FISU World University Games, formerly known as the Universiade, was renamed the FISU World University Games from the Summer Games held in Chengdu, China. Organised by the International Federation of University Sports, the games have been held every two years since 1959 and are also known as the "Student Olympics".


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