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このコンテストは、西日本の大学・短期大学・服飾専門学校の学生を対象に、既存の服飾品をベースにデコ・リメイクした作品を募集し、優れた作品を表彰する産学連携イベントです。応募作品は業界関係者で構成する審査員が審査し、入賞作品は9月8日・9日開催の「2023 OSAKA手づくりフェア」会場で特別展示されました。本学からは2名の作品が入賞し、吉元さんの作品が展示されました。


Two students from the Department of Human Environmental Sciences won prizes at the 12th Deco Remake Challenge Exhibition.

Mika Yoshimoto, a first-year student of the Department of Living Environment, and Hanano Obata, a third-year student of the same department, won prizes in the 12th Deco Remake Challenge Exhibition, a contest for decorating and remaking clothing items.

 This contest is an open competition for students of universities, junior colleges, and clothing colleges in western Japan, inviting entries of deco-remake works based on existing clothing items, and awarding prizes to the best submissions. The entries were judged by a panel of judges comprised of industry professionals, and the winning entries were specially exhibited at the "2023 OSAKA Handmade Fair" held on September 8th and 9th. Two students from MWU won prizes, and Ms. Yoshimoto's work was exhibited.


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