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M.C.C. Foods and the Faculty of Social Informatics are running a food truck.


A food truck operated by the Faculty of Social Informatics' Akaoka and Hirai seminars in collaboration with MCC Foods (MCC) opened a stall in front of the Fir Tree Plaza on the Central Campus for three days from October 24th. Third-year students from both seminars took the lead in conducting an Instagram survey to gather information on what the Generation Z's wanted to eat. The "Loco Moco Bowl," an arrangement of prototype products such as butter rice and hamburger steak, is the main item on sale until the 26th.
MCC is a food manufacturer based in Kobe. The joint research with both seminars has continued since FY2021 with the theme of increasing awareness of the company and its products, and since FY2022, students have proposed a system to help Generation Z gain knowledge of the company and its products and how to utilize social media under the theme of "Promotion of Generation Z and the Company". After reflecting on the lack of attendance on the first day of the previous event, posters were put up on campus in advance and a call was made via the university's official app, resulting in a huge turnout from the first day.

Students were in charge of taking orders, handing out number slips, calling out for customers, and paying the bill. This was the first time for the students to sell products, and they displayed ready-made soups and curries at the store. Mahiro Omori, a third-year student in Hirai Seminar, said, "I hope people will take them home and spread the deliciousness to their families."


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