図書館セミナー「小説家 松宮宏先生に聞く『創作の秘密』」が中央キャンパスで行われました。


English below.


図書館セミナー「小説家 松宮宏先生に聞く『創作の秘密』」が10月31日、中央図書館のグローバル・スタジオで開催されました。経営学部 非常勤講師の松宮さんは作品『アンフォゲッタブル』で「2023 ひょうご本大賞」を受賞。中央図書館の文学賞コーナーには受賞作をはじめ作品の展示コーナーを設けており、今回のセミナーを開催することになりました。










The library seminar "Ask Novelist Hiroshi Matsumiya about 'Secrets of Creativity'" was held on October 31st at the Global Studio in the Central Library. Mr. Matsumiya, a part-time lecturer at the Faculty of Business Administration, won the "2023 Hyogo Book Award" for his work "Unforgettable." The Central Library's Literary Awards section has a display space for his award-winning work and other works, and it was a perfect opportunity for the seminar to be held there.


At the seminar, Mr. Matsumiya first talked about how he brought his manuscript to a publishing company while working for a company, and how it took five years to get it published, as well as the advice he received from a veteran editor during that period. In response to questions from students about how to write a novel, Mr. Matsumiya answered questions such as, "Keep working on it and make sure you have written what you want to convey when you finish it," "Stories have logic, failure, and exciting developments," and "Layering scenes rather than writing as an explanation makes a story vivid and understandable to the reader. The story is written in layers of scenes, rather than as an explanation, so that the reader can vividly understand the story." In addition, he gave three points about "Secrets of Creative Writing."


The students asked, "What do you write on when you start writing, on a computer or on a piece of manuscript paper?" Do you need foreshadowing in your stories? What was your college life like? Were you ever afraid to bring in a manuscript?" and many other questions.


In closing, Mr. Matsumiya encouraged the participants to "try all sorts of new things while you still have a chance to make mistakes."


After the seminar, students commented, "It was such a valuable experience to meet and hear from a novelist," "I discovered things about how professionals write and what makes a novel uninteresting,"  "Maybe I can become a novelist too," and "I am very interested in writing novels, but I am not sure if I want to. I was interested in writing novels, and I learned a lot by listening to the tips and tricks firsthand.”


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