朝日放送テレビ「本日はダイアンなり シーズン2」に武庫川女子大学が登場します。


English below. 


朝日放送テレビ「本日はダイアンなり シーズン2」(毎週金曜午後1時45分から約1時間)の11月10日放送回に武庫川女子大学が登場します。ダイアンの二人が関西各地を訪ねながら、名言を探す街ブラバラエティ。2013年のシーズン1から10年続く長寿番組です。




Mukogawa Women's University will be featured in Asahi Broadcasting Corporation TV's "Today with Daian: Season 2".


Mukogawa Women's University will appear in the November 10's episode of Asahi Broadcasting Corporation TV's "Today with Daian: Season 2" (every Friday from 1:45 p.m). This long-running program, which has continued for 10 years since its first season in 2013, features the comedy duo Daian visiting various areas in the Kansai region in search of famous quotes.


This time, during their visit to the "Mukogawa" area, Daian stops by Mukogawa Women's University, where they talk to students at the central campus and participates in a gymnastics club practice. The two received cheers at various spots from students who happened to see the recording.


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