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The Mukogawa Women's University Alumni Association held an on-campus blood bank at the Central Campus on November 10th, with the cooperation of students and faculty members.


The Alumni Association has been conducting blood drives in cooperation with the Japanese Red Cross Society since 1981. In recent years, the General Affairs Committee and the Welfare Committee have jointly conducted blood donations twice a year, at the Central Campus and Hamakoshien Campus.


Due to the countermeasures for Covid-19 and natural disasters, there has been a nationwide shortage of blood. The General Affairs Committee, which is the main organizer of the blood collection, announced the blood drive to all students via social media in advance of the event. On the day of the blood donation, the General Affairs Committee, together with the Welfare Committee, called out "Please cooperate with the blood donation," and guided students to the reception desk. In addition, the "Fast Pass" reservation ticket system, which allowed people to donate blood on a priority basis at a time of their choice, and a campaign in which participants could receive a complimentary gift for donating blood, attracted many people to it.


One student said, "I have often seen the blood bank on my way to school and have always been interested in it, so I decided to participate." A member of staff who participated said, "I learned about the on-campus donation through an on-campus broadcast. I’m not good with needles, but it's nice to be able to do something for someone".


Hikari Matsuda, a second-year student in the School of Business Administration and a member of the General Affairs Committee, said, "Unfortunately, I am physically unable to donate blood, so I am glad to be able to help in any way I can. One person's blood donation can save many people, so please continue to donate blood."


The blood donation will be held again at the Hama-Koshien campus on the 28th.


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