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点灯式が始まり、多くの学生が対面で見守る中、德重あつ子学生部長が扮する “サンタクロースの妻”が登場。「今日は偶然にもふたご座流星群が流れるそうなので、空のイルミネーションとともに楽しんでください」と呼び掛けました。本学のマスコットキャラクター・ラビ―も登場し、会場から拍手と歓声が起こりました。


会場のもみの木広場に面する建物の明かりが消え、高さ5メートルのツリーに一斉に明かりが灯りました。幻想的な雰囲気の中、手話部は手話歌、吹奏楽部はクリスマスメドレー、音楽学部 浜甲カンタービレはクリスマスソングの合唱、エアロビックダンス部はクリスマスソングに合わせたパフォーマンスを披露してクリスマスムードを盛り上げました。毎年好評の「お楽しみ大抽選会」は、後日総務委員会のInstagramで抽選結果を配信する予定です。








A Christmas tree lighting ceremony was held at 6pm on 14 December at the Central Campus Fir Tree Square, attended by many students, faculty members and local residents.

 Members of the Alumni Association General Affairs Committee were in charge of the lighting ceremony, from planning and decorating the tree to running the event on the day. This year marked the 22nd time the event has been held, and it has become a familiar annual event during the New Year's holidays. Like last year, this year's event was conducted both in person and online.

The lights of the buildings facing the fir tree square were switched off and the five-metre-high tree was lit all at once. In the fantastic atmosphere, the Sign Language Club sang a sign language song, the Brass Band performed a Christmas medley, the studets from the Music Department sang a chorus of Christmas songs and the Aerobic Dance Club gave a performance to Christmas songs to set the mood for Christmas. The popular annual 'fun big lottery' is scheduled to be held at a later date, with the results of the lottery to be distributed via the General Affairs Committee's Instagram.

 Chisato Kurita (4th year, Japanese Language and Literature), chairperson of the General Affairs Committee, said: 'Thank you for coming This will be the last work of the General Affairs Committee in 2023. I would like to thank all the committee members, staff and faculty members who cooperated with us."

 The illumination will be switched on every day from 4.30pm to 8pm until 24th of December.


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