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The Department of Health and Sports Sciences held a seminar on 15th of December at the Central Campus for second-year students (second-year seminar, four classes combined) to learn about Fukui Prefecture, entitled 'Great Study of Fukui Prefecture'.

 The lecturer was Ms. Nahomi Uchida, a graduate of the university's Junior College and Counsellor of the Settlement and Exchange Division, Department of Exchange and Culture, Fukui Prefecture. More than 200 second-year students from the Department of Health and Sports Sciences attended the course, where they learnt about Fukui Prefecture's specialties, female employment rate and distinctive industries, and deepened their job-hunting support and career awareness.

Ms. Uchida cited the high employment rate of women in Fukui Prefecture and introduced Fukui Prefecture's unique measures according to life stages. She said: 'Many people take it for granted that women work in Fukui Prefecture, but there are some who decline to take up management positions. With so many different ways of working, I would like more women themselves to raise their own awareness, for example by finding someone who can be a role model, and to think about how they will work in the future'.

She also mentioned the technologies of one-of-a-kind companies, such as domestically produced eyeglass frames, which have the largest market share in Japan, and the textile industry, as well as efforts to attract companies to Fukui, and promoted the prefecture, saying: 'Please come and visit Fukui Prefecture and experience it for yourself first.

 In March 2022, the University concluded an employment support agreement with Fukui Prefecture to promote U-turn and I-turn employment in Fukui Prefecture and support students' job-hunting activities.


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