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MUKOnnect, a volunteer group led by students of the Department of Social Welfare, worked on making disaster prevention snack packages as part of Amagasaki City's "Support Project for Developing Human Resources to Foster Mutual Support". The students' efforts were praised by the audience.

 MUKOnnect" is an on-campus club launched in February 2023 by students of the Department of Social Welfare. The group consists of 66 students from the Department of Social Welfare, Nursing, Psychology, Education, English Global Studies, and Information Media. The club invites members from among its members to participate in various support activities at each site where volunteers are needed.

The "Disaster Prevention Candy Pochette" is a handmade vinyl pochette that can be stuffed with snacks and hung from the shoulder, invented by the general incorporated association "Oishii Bosai Juku" ('Tasty Disaster Prevention School'). In times of emergency, the pochette will provide a day's worth of emergency food, and in times of peace, it will provide an opportunity for children to think about disaster prevention while having fun.

The participating students took a course on pochette making in November. After being certified as "student ambassadors," they held a pochette-making class for children in Amagasaki City on December 2. The students helped the children choose their own snacks, stuff them in plastic, and shape them into pochettes. They also interacted with the parents who accompanied the children and had fun thinking about disaster prevention.

At the presentation, the students commented, "The children said it was fun," "We had fun making the pochettes while interacting with each other," and "It was fun to have a conversation with the children."


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