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食創造科学科の学生40名が、一般社団法人 日本食品保蔵科学会HACCP管理者の認定審査に合格しました。12月21日、学科長の松浦寿喜教授から認定証を授与されました。同学科として2022年度に1期生が初めて審査に臨み、今年は2年目を迎えさらに多くの学生が資格を取得しました。




On December 21st, 40 students of the Department of Innovative Food Sciences passed the certification examination for HACCP supervisors of the Japan Association of Food Preservation Science and Technology, and received their certificates from Professor Matsuura, head of the department. The first class of students in the department passed the examination for the first time in 2022, and this year is the second year for more students to obtain the certification.

HACCP is an international method of sanitation management that ensures safety by analyzing hazardous factors in the food manufacturing process. In Japan, HACCP will be mandatory for all businesses that handle food products from 2020. Students attend a three-day HACCP workshop hosted by the Japan Society of Food Preservation Science and Technology. They passed the course together with basic course certification based on credits earned at universities and other institutions.

The students will use what they have learned to obtain this certification as they aim to play an active role in the food industry in the future.


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