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武庫川女子大学 栄養科学研究所と西宮市保健所は、11月25日、12月9日の両日、西宮北口キャンパスで「親子料理・食育教室」(協力:広田地区社会福祉協議会)を開催しました。







The University's Research Institute for Nutrition Sciences and the Nishinomiya City Public Health Center held a "Cooking and Nutrition Education Class for Parents and Children."


The Institute of Nutritional Sciences of Mukogawa Women's University and Nishinomiya City Public Health Center held the "Cooking and Nutrition Education Class for Parents and Children" (in cooperation with the Hirota Community Social Welfare Council) on November the 25th and December the 9th at Nishinomiya-Kitaguchi Campus.

 The "Cooking and Nutrition Education Classroom for Parents and Children" is designed to encourage children to become interested in food and diet through hands-on nutrition education classes, and for their parents to become aware of their own health through physical measurements and lectures on well-balanced meals.

 This time, the children and their parents cooked and tasted croquettes using sweet potatoes harvested by the children in October. Afterwards, the children participated in a nutrition education class given by students of the university. The children enjoyed learning about the growth process of sweet potatoes, cooking with sweet potatoes, and eating a well-balanced diet through a quiz format.

Parents took physical measurements such as body fat percentage, skeletal muscle mass, and bone density, and then attended a lecture by the public health center on the current status of specific health checkups and a well-balanced diet. They learned more about their bodies and health. Participants said, "It was good to know the condition of my body," and "It made me think about going for a checkup."


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