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A follow-up workshop for the 1st year of the Rising 3 Employee Training Program was held.


On 30th of January, 17 first-year employees of the Rising 3 Employee Training Program (ETP) took part in a post-training workshop as the fifth generation to summarize the program.

 The Rising 3 ETP program began in 2019 as a training program to develop new employees over the first three years of their employment. The goal of the first year of training is to become familiar with university administration and to be able to explain the work of other departments in their own words.

At this post-training session, the trainees and staff from each department who served as lecturers were divided into three groups to reflect on the training, which took place every two weeks, and discuss their growth over the year and what they gained from their learning.

Representatives from each group then presented their
 thoughts from the discussions.

Some of the comments included: 'I would like to make use of the fact that each department's work is linked to my own work in the future'; 'It was good to learn about the work that my peers are involved in'; and 'I would like to have the opportunity to experience work in a department I am interested in for a certain period, like an internship'.

In his comments, Mr Mitsunoh Hashimoto, Director of the Education Department, said: 'From now on, each of you must be able to act independently and with a keen sense of speed. You are the talents who will be responsible for our university in the future. I hope you will work hard for university innovation". Yutaka Takii, Director General of the Administration Department, said: 'The career recruits who have joined us have no doubt played a key role in stimulating those who have been working here for some time in a positive way. I hope they will have their own ideas and work closely with other departments while carving out their own careers".

The theme of the Rising 3 (second year) training in the next academic year is collaboration between teachers and staff. In the first semester, they will participate in training for new teachers, and in the second semester, they will enter general education classes to learn about classroom operation.


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