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「武庫川女子大学のむこじょTV#19」は、西宮北口キャンパス(愛称:Kita-E)で展開する武庫川女子大学のリカレント教育「MUKOnoa⁺(ムコノアプラス)」がテーマです。2023年4月のスタート以来、デジタルスキルに特化した約 150 講座を開講し、転職支援のための合同企業説明会を定期的に開催しています。母校から案内を受けた卒業生が受講するケースも多く、武庫川女子大学と卒業生との絆の“結び直し”の場にもなっています。






Mukojo TV at Mukogawa Women's University #19 is about the Recurrent Education Center. It will be aired on Asahi Broadcasting Corporation TV on 5th of February.

The theme of Mukogawa Women's University's Mukojo TV #19 is Mukogawa Women's University's recurrent education 'MUKOnoa', which is being developed at the Nishinomiya Kitaguchi Campus (nicknamed Kita-E) Since its launch in April 2023, it has opened around 150 courses specializing in digital skills and regularly holds joint company information sessions to assist job transition. The center regularly holds joint company information sessions to support job-seekers. In many cases, alumni receive information from their alma mater and attend the courses, making it a place to "reconnect" Mukogawa Women's University with its alumni.

 In #19, we closely follow one such graduate. After work, she sits at a computer in a classroom at the center or attends a joint company information session for graduates. The show shows how serious they are, but also how excited and determined they are to get ahead.

 The program will be broadcast on Asahi Broadcasting Corporation TV from 5:30pm on Monday 5th of February.


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