健康・スポーツ学科学生が小学生女子野球大会「N-PRIDE CUP”W”」に学生救護ボランティアブースを開設しました


English below. 


2月3日、4日に西宮市 浜甲子園運動公園内野球場を中心に行われたN-PRIDE CUP ”W”(主催:N-PRIDE CUP’W’実行委員会)に健康・スポーツ科学科の中堀ゼミ(中堀千香子准教授)の学生が学生救護ボランティアとして参加し、大会をサポートしました。

この大会は「野球の聖地 西宮」を掲げる西宮市スポーツ少年団主催で行われる西日本を中心とした約20チームが集う女子学童の野球大会で、武庫川女子大学も大会協賛しています。






On 3rd and 4th of February, students from the Nakahori Seminar (Associate Professor Chikako Nakahori) of the Department of Health and Sports Science volunteered as student first aid volunteers at the N-PRIDE CUP "W" (organized by the N-PRIDE CUP 'W' Executive Committee) held at the baseball field in Hamakoshien Sports Park, Nishinomiya City. Students from the Nakahori Seminar (Associate Professor Chikako Nakahori) participated as student volunteers and supported the tournament.

This tournament is organized by the Nishinomiya City Sports Boys' Association, which upholds "Nishinomiya, the sacred place of baseball", and is a baseball tournament for elementary school children, with approximately 20 teams from mainly western Japan taking part. This year celebrates the 6th time of the event, with the participation of approximately 400 primary schools girls' baseball players, with high level games being played at five stadiums each day.

The Nakahori Seminar set up a first aid booth next to the headquarters, and participating students patrolled the venue and provided first aid to the injured and sick. These activities provided a valuable opportunity to practice the sports injury treatment and fixing methods learnt in class, and to experience the importance of learning knowledge and skills, as well as the responsibility of managing the health of athletes.

In one section of the booth, the latest sanitary products such as sports sanitary napkins and absorbent shorts were displayed, giving the participating schoolgirls and their parents the opportunity to actually hold samples in their hands and to prepare and think together about how to deal with menstruation as female athletes. Associate Professor Nakahori said, "The Department of Health and Sports Science will continue to support female athletes and provide opportunities for students to learn and grow through experience."


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