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音楽療法講演会(音楽学部主催、生活美学研究所共催)が2月3日、中央キャンパス 学術研究交流館で開催されました。

今年度で13回目となる音楽療法講演会は「音楽療法におけるクリニカルディシジョン〜big picture & small picture から見る視点〜」がテーマ。一般に広く呼び掛け、参加した約50人がさまざまな音楽療法の実践の視点とスキルについて学びました。 


講師の細江弥生氏(日本音楽療法学会及び米国認定音楽療法士、合同会社Music Fits Japan共同創設者)が国内外での豊富な実践と事例を元に講演。臨床の場で不可欠なスキルと視点、とりわけ臨床的判断=「クリニカルディシジョン」について指導し、参加者と活発にディスカッションしました。


The Music Therapy Lecture (organized by the School of Music and co-organized by the Institute of Esthetics in Everyday-Life) was held on 3rd of February at the Academic Research Exchange Hall, Main Campus.


The theme of the Music Therapy Lecture, the 13th of its kind this year, was 'Clinical Decision Making in Music Therapy - Perspectives from the big picture & small picture'. Calling on the general public, about 50 participants learned about various music therapy practice perspectives and skills.


The lecturer, Yayoi Hosoe (Certified Music Therapist and co-founder of Music Fits Japan), gave a lecture based on her extensive practice and case studies in Japan and abroad. She taught essential skills and perspectives in clinical practice, particularly clinical decision-making, and engaged in lively discussions with the participants.


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