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"Mukojo TV #21" will be broadcast on Monday, April 1st, around 5:30 p.m. on Asahi Broadcasting Corporation Television. The subject this time is the equestrian club, which is a rarity among women's universities in Japan. MWU's equestrian club has a history spanning more than half a century, and is a group that has achieved good results at various competitions. The university keeps its own two horses, and students commute nearly an hour from campus to a nearby riding club in Kobe, to practice and take care of their horses.

The two horses are Muko Daswell, a well-dressed and smart horse, and Muko Sereno, a sensitive and mischievous horse. Although they are living creatures and things often don't go their way, the joy of being able to communicate with the horses is exceptional.

Many of the club members are beginners. However, under the guidance of Tomoko Fujimoto, a MWU alumni who has been leading the equestrian club for more than 40 years, encourages the members to improve their skills and actively participate in tournaments.

On March 20th, at the 18th Kansai Student Equestrian Spring Trials held at Miki Horse Land, two horses and four members of the club competed in the show jumping event, and all of them won prizes.

The captain of the team, Ms. Shono Fujita, a new fourth-year student in the Department of Japanese Language and Literature, said, "The appeal of this event is that you can feel a sense of oneness with the horses through the competition and performance. I would like to deepen my relationship with the horses through more intensive practice."

 Mukogawa Women's University's Mukojo TV is Mukogawa Women's University's unique educational program broadcast on Asahi Broadcasting Corporation TV that airs around 5:30 p.m. on the first Monday of every month. Past programs can be viewed on the "Mukojo TV Special Site" on the website.


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