Covid-19 awareness message broadcasted by the Welfare Committee of MWU!












From Tuesdays through to Fridays, 4 members of the Welfare Committee of MWU will be taking turns to make announcements of precautions against Covid-19. Their aim is to be heard all around the campus to remind fellow students of ways to become self-aware as we face ways to tackle the issues related to the virus.


We had the pleasure of meeting and speaking to one lively 3rd year student of MWU as it was her turn to announce. She strongly stated “I wanted to reach everybody on campus, so I tried using teachers’ voice and spoke up! We will continue to encourage the 3 C’s . (1. Closed spaces with poor ventilation. 2. Crowded places with many people nearby. 3. Close-contact settings such as close-range conversations). Another idea that had played an active part  was with the use of SNS application, LINE. The committee was able to communicate and deliver essential information and reach out to many.


As seen in the photographs taken during the lunch time, it was evident that the students acted accordingly to preserve the 3 C’s when they ate their lunch in various locations such as their classrooms to benches and tables set outside.




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