<日本語/English>生活環境学部 伊丹康二准教授、水野優子准教授が共著書『鉄道と郊外』を出版しました。


Professors from Faculty of Living Environment co-published a book “Railroads and Suburbs.”

English below. 











The book was co-written by several authors including two professors from Mukogawa Women’s University; Mr. Koji Itami and Ms. Yuko Mizuno. The book was published on August 30th by Kajima Institute Publishing Co., Ltd.


With 7 authors combining their knowledge and wisdom from their respective fields of expertise, co-produced the book. In it, topics include the concerns of depopulation in the suburban residential area, restructuring in areas of living, changes in work styles and others that we face today in the current day and age.


Professor Itami wrote chapter 4, “the current situation and future image of suburban stations”. He also noted “suburban residential areas developed as a commuter town is vastly transforming into a variety of residential areas. By finding the value of railway lines or railway stations that have suburban residential areas nearby can be useful for future measures to regenerate and grow. It shows how it could be or should be in the 2020’s.”


Since being published, Mr. Itami stated “We were able to get complete this book as a result of four years of joint research. If you are interested, please pick it up and take a look.”


The book has been donated by the professors to the library at Mukogawa Women’s University and it is available to borrow.


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