<日本語/English> 第90回日本学生陸上競技対校選手権大会で、陸上競技部 籔田みのりさん(健康・スポーツ科学科2年)が10000m競歩で優勝。また、各種目で陸上競技部から4人が入賞し、健闘しました。


At the 90th Japan National University Championships, Mukogawa Women’s University 2nd year Department of Health and Sports Science, Minori Yabuta from the track and field club won the 10,000m in Race Walk.


English below.





1位 籔田みのり 46'03"57

5位 船田茜理  12m72(+1.0)

8位 安達杏香  4815点


8位 中野菜乃 57"78




Minori Hikita, a 2nd year student from the Faculty of Health and Sports Science won the women’s 10,000m race walk at the 90th Japan National University Championship. It was held at Kumagaya sports culture in Saitama prefecture on the September 17th to 19th. Ms. Hikita won the race with a new PB record set with 46 minutes 3.57. 


In another event, a third year student from the faculty of Health and Sports Science, Akari Funada ranked 5th in triple jump. A 4th year student from the same faculty, Kyoka Adachi ranked 8th in heptathlon. Additionally, 8th place in 800m went to Ms. Nano Nakano also from the same faculty as the other competitors. 



 *Japan National University Championships grants certificate of completion up to 8th place.



1st place – Minori Hikita 46'03"57

I wasn’t able to take part in the competition last year so I’m happy just being a part of it. And I think that this victory was achieved with the support of the people around me. I will keep doing by best and aim for a third straight win.


★Triple jump

5th place – Akari Funada 12m72(+1.0)

I went into this competition hoping for better results so I’m disappointed to not have been able to execute a well as I know I could’ve. Having said that, I’m looking forward to competing in more events next year. I will take on what I’ve learned through this experience and use it to better my performance for future competitions. Please continue to show me your support.


8th place Kyoka Adachi 4815

I was hoping to break the record and get to a better ranking but the outcome was just substandard. However, I’m happy to be able to contribute to the team by finishing 8th.  I struggled to set a record in the past 3 years but with the support of my teammates and teachers, I was able to enjoy the competition.


8th place Nano Nakano 57"78

I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to secure a place within 8th place so I’m pleased that I did. Thank you for all the support.


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