<日本語/English> 令和3年度の秋の卒業式と大学院修了式が行われ、64人が巣立ちました。


Saying farewell to 64 post graduate students.

English below. 


令和3年度930日付の大学院学位記授与式と大学・短期大学部卒業証書・学位記授与式が102日、日下記念マルチメディア館 メディアホールで行われました。







The graduate school diploma awarding ceremony took place at Kusaka Memorial multimedia Hall on October 2nd. The 64 students who graduated acquired the necessary credits to qualify at graduate school, university and junior college in the first semester.


The certification of accreditations were given by the head of the university, Mr. Seguchi. Total of 28 representatives from their respective schools attended the ceremony.


Mr. Suguchi stated “Even with the novel coronavirus infection at rise, it was vital for us to continue to walk the path set before us. The ceremony should mark a milestone for you and it’ll be something for you to remember. As you navigate into society, don’t forget, you have been handed the baton. Although academically, you’re done but your journey of wisdom has just begun. We as teachers, take great pride in the fact that so many of the graduates here go on to play an active part in society. Please carry on doing your best and we wish you luck.”


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