Aroma seminar and craft workshop held at Hama-Koshien campus.


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Aroma and crafts workshop seminar was conducted by Kurumi Pharmacy Co., Ltd., in cooperation with MIWAIKEHATA Co., Ltd., for the students of MWU’s Faculty of Pharmacy.


The importance of aromatherapy with the use of fragrance has been attracting attention in the fields of medical care, and in science practices. At the seminar held on October 15th, AEAJ (Aroma Environment Association of Japan) qualified instructors from Kurumi Pharmacy and MIWAIKEHATA Co., Ltd., came in to teach the students about aromatherapy.


From medicinal point of view, aromatherapy is considered to be a form of chemical substance that can affect the human body. At the seminar, students were shown how to extract and store, and how to handle aromas.  Then they looked at dozens of essential oil scents and consulted with the instructors to create their own aroma sprays among other things.


One student commented “it was interesting to learn how to extract and store aromas and I enjoyed making my own ones too.” A representative from MIWAIKEHATA Co., Ltd., added “I’m glad that the students took well to the seminar and saw how aromas can be adapted into their lives.”


This seminar was held based on the agreement that Kurumi pharmacy, which is run by Vega Pharma Co., cooperates and sign an agreement on clinical education with MWU’s Faculty of Pharmacy. The pharmacy has 30 stores all over Kansai district, and it aims to be an easily accessible and aroma friendly health unit.


With the intention of nurturing and training future pharmacists, the seminar will be a work in progress. Another one with similar outline is scheduled to be held in November.


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