<日本語/English> 経営学科2年生が『アジアンパーク構想に対する学生アイディア提案コンテスト』最終審査会で2位と3位をダブル受賞しました!


A student from the Faculty of Business Administration securing a place in the final of the “Student Idea Proposal Contest for the Asian Park Concept”.


English below. 









プラン名:Let’s アジアの国々に触れよう~KOBE ASIAN WORLD ~












Two teams of 2nd year students from the Business Administration took part in “Student Idea Proposal Contest for the Asian Park Concept” and won both runner-up and the 3rd place. This contest acts as a platform for students to express their thoughts and creative ideas in a contest format. When Professor Chieko Takahashi called upon volunteers to apply to this contest, two sets of second grade students raised their hands. They applied in May and continued to carry out tasks until the end of August. Once they passed the first round of the contest, the students worked hard among themselves as well as brushing up on their presentation skills in front of the teachers.


【Name of the team / Members in it / Name of the project】


☆2nd place – Excellence Award

Team name: Re/ make

Members: Rena Imanaka, Miku Onoda and Akari Tamagaki

Name of the project: “Let’s interact with Asian countries”


☆3rd place – Semi-Excellence award

Team name: Kinako mabushi warabimochi gaeru

Members: Yuki Nagano

Name of the project: “Experience Asian Town”


Ms. Tamagaki who won the runner-up prize stated “Honestly, this project was demanding, yet so much fun and I found it extremely rewarding.” Ms. Nagano, in 3rd place added “even though it was hard at times to do this all by myself, I enjoyed doing presentations and making proposals. It all felt like I was contributing to society.” Professor Takahashi, who saw the teams through their preparation and practice commented “Knowing that other universities had students in their 3rd year and above compete, and our teams only having students in 2nd year was promising and showed their strengths and hopes for the future.”


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