<日本語/English> 大学生が運営する中高生のSDGs動画コンテストで 武庫川女子大学の学生が活躍しています


Students of Mukogawa Women’s University taking part in a SDGs video contest aimed at junior and senior high school students.


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この取り組みは2025年日本国際博覧会協会による「TEAM EXPO 2025」プログラム/共創チャレンジに参加しています。



Click on #SASS2021/Sustainability Award to see the work of Sustainability Awards for Students by Students (#SASS2021). The award has been jointly run since 2020 by the Faculty of Business Administration and Keio University’s independent seminar group (Yokota Associates Co., Ltd.).


This year being the second year in the works, “SDGs- reflecting and conducting” has been chosen as the theme. The goal is to support the learning of compulsory learners and promote SDGs in order to encourage a change in society.


The first step was to start the recruiting of short footage (2~5 minutes long) from the students in junior and senior high schools nationwide on the theme of SDGs exploration. Last year, 143 videos were submitted from a total of 25 schools nationwide. The said students set their own criteria and created videos that highlight their abilities to develop and express problem solving skills. Additionally, through the contest, a two-way business connections with students from the same age group and companies have been established.


4 first and second year student from the Faculty of Business Administration took part from Mukogawa Women’s University. They organized and managed an executive committee with 20 university students from 8 universities nationwide, including Keio University, Chiba University and Kansai University. Meetings among the university students were held online, and each were given roles such as event planning, screening, teaching material and PR. In October, the students of Mukogawa Women’s University hosted a meeting at the university.


This initiative is in association with “TEAM EXPO 2025” as co-creators by the Japan International Exposition Association.  



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