<日本語/English> 大学院、附属中学校、附属高等学校の入学式が行われました。


The new school year commencement ceremony for graduate school and the junior high and senior high school held at the university.

English below. 
















The opening ceremony for the graduate school of Mukogawa Women’s University and the affiliated Junior and Senior High school were held at the main campus on April 2nd.


A grand total of 108 graduate students entered the new school year, the ceremony was held at the Multimedia Building. As the MWU president, Mr. Seguchi gave a ceremonial address, he pointed out how the university is known to have produced researchers and achieved a track record of being ranked 4th in national rankings for women’s university in Japan. The formality came to an end with a statement by Mr. Seguchi “let us study hard and work together to explore all the possibilities.”


In the morning of the same day, the opening ceremony for the junior high school was being held at the Koe Memorial Hall. 148 fresh faced junior high school students along with their guardians were present.  


Mr. Shigeto Serada who was newly appointed as a head master at the junior and senior high school made a speech “I bid you to dive into all things new whether that be your studies, club activities and other aspects of your life at school. You will find that there are endless opportunities that awaits you.” In return, a student representative stated “I question myself on a daily basis when I see the news. I want to be the type of person who knows what’s right from wrong and one who can make my own judgment with all the information out there today.”


In the afternoon, the campus was filled with 258 high school students.  


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