An online award ceremony for the SDGs Award “#SASS2021” managed by undergraduate Business Administration students.


English below. 




「#SASS2021 」は外務省や神戸市、札幌市からの後援を受け、武庫川女子大学経営学部と慶應義塾大学の自主ゼミ(株式会社横田アソシエイツ)が共同で運営しています。中高生のメッセージを映像を通して世の中に伝えようと2020年度からスタート。経営学部の学生は第1回の2020年度から実践学習のプログラムとして動画コンテンツの募集やイベントの運営に携わっており、第2回にあたる2021年度も2,3年生4名が運営委員として約1年間、活動してきました。







Click on #SASS2021/Sustainability Award to see the work of Sustainability Awards for Students by Students (#SASS2021). The award has been jointly run since 2020 by the Faculty of Business Administration and Keio University’s independent seminar group (Yokota Associates Co., Ltd.).


This year being the second year in the works, “SDGs- reflecting and conducting” has been chosen as the theme. The goal is to support the learning of compulsory learners and promote SDGs in order to encourage a change in society.


The first step was to start the recruiting of short footage (2~5 minutes long) from the students in junior and senior high schools nationwide on the theme of SDGs exploration. Last year, 143 videos were submitted from a total of 25 schools nationwide. The said students set their own criteria and created videos that highlight their abilities to develop and express problem solving skills. Additionally, through the contest, a two-way business connections with students from the same age group and companies have been established.


Among the work submitted, several awards each designed to commend the effort and hard work that went in were announced in March of 2022. The ceremony of award giving was held online on June 11th where the winners were presented with their awards as well as an opportunity to share their joy and the difficulties that they faced.



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