Cultural presentations by foreign exchange students.


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Three foreign exchange students, Han Juhee, Shin Yiungseo and Kim Suneun all of Korean nationals have joined the family of Mukogawa Women’s University from Kannam University, Daejeon in April, 2022.


Since their arrival, they have been working extremely hard on their language skills in Japanese language classes. In order to demonstrate the journey in learning, the students selectively presented a topic of their choice, all in a language that is second nature to them. From start to finish, each presenting via PowerPoint slides and other forms of multimedia, all three, Ms. Han. Ms. Shin and Ms. Kim, all executed and presented their knowledge of the language and culture in front of handful of spectators. Among the audience, their language teachers were seen present as well as staff from International Center and some students who showed interest in them and their story.


Once the presentations were completed, the exchange students were gathered by students who had come to watch to continue chatting in small groups.


There will be another gathering like the above in December with additional members who will be joining the university in September. Click here for more information.


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