Employee Training Program “Rising 3” still going strong.

Japanese below. 


Since 2019, in order to systematically develop the knowledge and expertise of administration staff of Mukogawa Women’s University, the 3 year training course Rising 3 (sun) was adopted. The course offers new recruits of that fiscal year, the opportunity to learn and further strengthen the knowledge of the intricacies of working as a member of the university. From the time it began, with the members of that year completing the training course as first time graduates, the university has welcomed the fourth round of first year trainees.


This April, the fourth set of recruits joined the family, welcoming 10 new members, 2 of which are newly graduates. The Employee Training Program (ETP) has been ongoing on a weekly basis to offer insight to the duties that are accomplished in each department. This week, a lecture was conducted by Ms. Naito, from Career Center. 


The job roles within the people in charge of those were among some of the things that were mentioned in the presentation. Predominantly, Career Center is known for its service for students in supporting them on their road to employment after graduating. Ms. Naito stated “At Career Center, we encourage fostering of students in building the fundamental skills required in their lifelong careers as well as providing counselling to discover their strengths and weaknesses. As a member of staff, and a role model to these young adults, I feel responsible in self reflecting my appointed role to guide and assist where I can.” The speaker also touched on some of her personal experiences with the students she guided in recruitment stages and gave some examples of some of the challenges and triumphs that were faced.


The session came to a close with a group work for the new staff to demonstrate the discoveries of being a Mukogawa Women’s University’s member of staff.












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