<日本語/English>「大御堂-おみどう-ランドスケープイメージコンペ」で大学院景観建築学専攻の正木 桜さんが最優秀賞を受賞しました。


Grand prize goes to Ms. Sakura Masaki, majoring in landscape architecture.


English below. 





 受賞作品名 は「土地を結ぶ大御堂」。正木さんは、「景観建築の学びを深めるにつけ、ランドスケープ分野のコンペに挑戦したいと常々思っていたので、良い経験となりました。ランドスケープは人の暮らしと密接に関わっており、人々の生活のシーンに焦点を当てた提案をしました。土着的で賑わいのある空間の様子を感じ取ってもらえたらと思います。また、土地のコンテクストの読み込みやヒューマンスケールの設計など、普段の設計課題で意識していることを表現できたと思います」と話しています。


Ms. Sakura Masaki, majoring in landscape architecture at the Graduate School of Architecture, was awarded the top prize at the Omido-Omido-Landscape Image Competition. Click here for more information. Ms. Masaki’s “Omido that Connects the Land” was selected out of 41 admissions from all over Japan.


Maniwa City, Okayama Prefecture, where "Omido" exists, became an "SDGs Future City" in June 2018. It is an area selected as an SDGs model project.
The Omido-Omido-Landscape Image Competition is held in the Yashiro area, where local culture based on yui and historical sites and rural scenery from the Middle Ages (around 1000 to 1600) remain. This is a work imagining the original scenery of the time, including the time of the foundation of "Omido" = a building to connect Shinto (region) and Buddhism.
Through this competition, the aim is to reexamine the local culture and history and form a sustainable future community. In addition, connecting it to the inheritance of the culture related to "Omido" (preservation (maintenance / renovation) / utilization of cultural assets).


Ms. Masaki comments, “as my jouney in architecture progresses, I was eager to further deepen my knowledge on landscape architecture. This was a great opportunity as I always wanted to see myseld in a competition in the field of landscape. I made a proposal that shifts focus on the everyday living scenary of people, believing that landscapes are closely related to people’s lives. I thing through my design, I was able to express my awareness to detail in the realistic context of the land and designing in a human scale setting.



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