Tamaki Takeuchi, a third-year student in the Department of Architecture, received an honorable mention in the "2nd SANGO Student Project Design Competition.”


English below. 


第2回SANGO学生プロジェクト設計コンペ」で、竹内環さん(建築学科3年)の応募作品「木漏れ日の隠れ家」が佳作に選ばれました。このコンペは北海道札幌市の「株式会社 三五工務店」が建築業界の未来を担うデザインや設計を志す学生を対象に2021年度から実施しています。2022年度のテーマは「暮らしと小屋」。建築の原点ともいえる小屋を見つめ直そうと、学生の自由な発想の企画を呼びかけました。







Ms. Tamaki Takeuchi (3rd year of Architecture) won an honorable mention in the "2nd SANGO Student Project Design Competition" for her entry, "The Home of the Sun Through the Trees".


This competition has been held by Sango Corporation of Sapporo, Hokkaido since 2021 for students who aspire to design and architecture, the future of the construction industry. The competition encourages students to come up with their own ideas to recreate the hut, which is the starting point of architecture.


Ms. Takeuchi's work, “The Home of the Sun Through the Trees," consists of the first floor with a kitchen and a loft. A staircase connects the two spaces so that the hut does not feel too small. By placing a large main pillar through the center of the house, "Hokkaido timber" is utilized to create a lifestyle that is nestled in the trees. Sunlight filters in through the skylights, and the wind blows through the house from the top to the bottom.


Ms. Takeuchi commented, "This was my first time entering the competition, so I was surprised to receive an honorable mention. I placed the main pillar in the center of the room to express a sense of security, like being under a big tree. I wanted to create a space where time flows slowly and you can relax.”


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