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「武庫川女子大学 大学院建築学研究科 建築学部 作品展・卒業設計展」を西宮市立市民ギャラリーで3月5日まで開催しています。同内容をオンラインで3月17日から4月16日に開催します。



The Graduate School of Architecture and the School of Architecture are holding an exhibition of their works at the Nishinomiya City Gallery.


"Faculty of Architecture Exhibition of Works and Graduation Designs" is being held at Nishinomiya City Gallery until March 5, free entry. It will also be held online from March 17 to April 16.


The exhibition features approximately 120 pieces of artwork including woodwork and ceramics, architectural and landscape design works, graduation and master's design works, and a full-size bamboo tea house created jointly by first-year undergraduate students and second-year master's degree students. This is the first exhibition of works at the Nishinomiya City Gallery since the establishment of the Department of Landscape Architecture in April 2020. The exhibition is rich in works that showcase the unique characteristics of both departments and majors.



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