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Students of the Community Development Course of the Department of Human Environmental Sciences made a proposal for community development in the town of Tonosho, Kagawa Prefecture.


Students in the second and third year of the Community Development Course conducted a survey and analysis of local issues and attractions, and made plans and proposals to solve problems and enrich people's lives in the "Field Design Special Seminar" class (teachers: Associate Professor Yuko Mizuno, Associate Professor Seiji Kamata, Associate Professor Koji Itami, Associate Professor Maru Kitahara).


This is the third year that this intensive course has been offered in cooperation with the town of Tonosho on Shodoshima Island in Kagawa Prefecture, with which the university has concluded a comprehensive cooperation agreement. Last year and the year before, the course was conducted online only due to the situation of the spread of the new corona virus, but this year we were able to conduct the course including research with overnight stays at the site.


During the on-site visit, students conducted a three-day interview of people involved in agriculture, production, and tourism, as well as residents who are working to build village bases and pass on traditional culture, in order to understand the issues and attractions of the region. Based on the results, students made proposals for community development, such as solving traffic problems, generating work opportunities, and promoting exchanges between the island and the surrounding area.


In the final critique session of the class on February 22, students presented their community development proposals online to the staff of the town office of Tonosho, people from the NPO Totie, which supports the town office, and people who cooperated in the hearings. Participants listened to the students' proposals and engaged in a lively exchange of opinions.


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