<日本語/English> 第3回国際女性デー MUKOJOフォーラムを開催しました。


English below.


3月8日の国際女性デーを前に3月4日、中央キャンパス公江記念館大講義室で「第3回国際女性デーMUKOJOフォーラム」(女性活躍総合研究所主催 男女共同参画推進室共催)が対面とオンラインで開催されました。









最優秀賞  山村さつきさん(文学部英語文化学科3年)

優秀賞   西出紅瑠実さん(薬学部薬学科4年)

優秀賞   安田光沙さん(経営学部経営学科1年)


The 3rd International Women's Day MUKOJO Forum was held.


On March 4, before International Women's Day on March 8, the 3rd International Women's Day MUKOJO Forum (hosted by the Gender Equality Promotion Office and co-hosted by the Institute for Women’s Career Advancement and Gender Equality Development was held in the large lecture hall of the Koe Memorial Hall, both face-to-face and online.


In commemoration of the establishment of the Institute for Women’s Career Advancement and Gender Equality Decelopment in April 2020, Vice Governor Mie Katsuno of Tokushima Prefecture and President Yuko Takahashi of Tsuda College delivered keynote speeches on the theme of "Creating a Society Where Women Can Have Active Roles". Vice Governor Katsuno spoke of Tokushima Prefecture's efforts to increase the number of women in decision-making bodies, using the prefecture's low gender gap index as an example of how the percentage of female presidents and the percentage of women on councils and other bodies is among the highest in Japan. President Takahashi also pointed out the significant impact on students of the university landscape where, despite the narrowing of the gap between male and female university enrollment rates, the number of women disappearing as they enter graduate school and advance in faculty positions. She called on students to have the courage to voice their doubts, which will change the landscape of universities and eventually become a force for pushing women into politics and the economy.


In a panel discussion titled "What should be done to create gender equality at universities and in society?" Vice Governor Katsuno, President Takahashi, Vice President Kawai, and Kyoko Takahashi, Director of the Institute for Women's Advancement Studies, participated as panelists and facilitators, respectively. The panelists explored ways to promote gender equality, focusing on "universities" and "society." The panelists confirmed the significance of women's universities in empowering women in Japan, where the difference regarding gender is still severe.


Of the three winners of the essay contest, whose theme was "Considering Lifelong Career Design" and which was solicited on campus, Ms. Nishide and Ms. Yamamura gave speeches and were awarded the Grand Prize and the Prize for Excellence.


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