<日本語/English> 体操部の杉原愛子さんが、東大阪市の初心者向け体験型スポーツイベント「してみる」で子どもたちに体操の指導を行いました。


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Aiko Sugihara, a member of the gymnastics club, taught gymnastics to children at "Shitemiru," a hands-on sports event for beginners in Higashiosaka City.


Higashi-Osaka City's hands-on sports event for beginners, Shitemiru, was held at the Higashi-Osaka Arena on February 25. Aiko Sugihara, Higashi-Osaka City Sports Mirai Ambassador and a second-year student of the Mukogawa Women's University Gymnastics Club (Junior College of Health and Sports), taught the children how to perform gymnastics.


Shitemiru is a sports event held since 2019, inviting top athletes to enjoy and experience sports together. This year, Ms. Sugihara, who has competed in two Olympic Games, including a 5th place finish in the women's team gymnastics at the Tokyo Olympics, served as the instructor.


A total of 60 children in the first through third grades of elementary school in Higashiosaka City participated in the event, enjoying mat exercises, vaulting boxes, and other gymnastic events. The children's parents and other family members were also eagerly watching the event.


The Mayor of Higashi-Osaka City appoints people who are from the city or have a connection with the city in the field of sports as Higashi-Osaka City Sports Mirai Ambassadors in order to promote the city through sports.


After the event, Ms. Sugihara said, "This was the first time for me to hold my own gymnastics class, so I was nervous and anxious, but I was relieved to see the smiles on the children's faces. Sports is fun and leads to good health, so it makes me happy to see them enjoy sports from childhood through opportunities like this," she said.



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