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 武庫川女子大学と奈良女子大学は3月7日、両大学の強み・特色を活かし、女性リーダーの育成に向けて教職員・学生の交流の推進、 教育・研究に関する協力等、広く連携を図り、両大学のさらなる充実発展に資することを目的に包括連携協定を締結しました。




























 学長           今岡 春樹

 副学長          久保 博子 

 男女共同参画推進機構長  星野 聡子 

 特任教授         春本 晃江 

 特任教授         安田 恵子 



 学長           瀬口 和義 

 副学長          山﨑  彰

 女性活躍総合研究所長   高橋 享子 

 栄養科学研究所長          福尾 惠介 

 教育研究社会連携推進室長 大坪  明 



Mukogawa Women's University and Nara Women's University have signed a comprehensive collaboration agreement to foster the development of female professionals who will lead society.


On March 7th, Mukogawa Women's University and Nara Women's University signed a comprehensive partnership agreement to promote faculty and student exchanges, cooperation in education and research, and other wide-ranging cooperation to foster female leaders by taking advantage of the strengths and characteristics of both universities and to contribute to the further enhancement and development of both universities.


The collaboration issues are as follows


(1) Matters related to the development of female professionals who will lead society   

(2) Exchange of students and graduate students 

(3) Credit transfer for students and graduate students 

(4) Joint research and development 

(5) Faculty and staff exchanges, including faculty development and staff development initiatives

(6) Exchange of academic knowledge and information

(7) Implementation of social contribution programs

(8) Matters related to the promotion of gender equality

(9) Other matters deemed necessary by the two universities


The two universities have been jointly selected by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) as part of its efforts to promote gender equality under the "Initiative for Realization of a Diverse Research Environment (Traction Type)" (Representative Organization: Nara Women's University), a project subsidized by the MEXT to foster human resources for science and technology, and are promoting the following projects:


1. Jointly promoting the regional development of "home-visit" on-site childcare for sick children and care for post- sick children.


2. Jointly implementing a project for collaboration among women's universities in the Kansai region and holding an annual interrelational meeting among various fields.


3. We are developing an industry-academia collaborative diversity network originating from women's universities in the Kansai region.


The signing ceremony was held at the Nara Women's University Memorial Hall, where President Haruki Imaoka of Nara Women's University and President Kazuyoshi Seguchi of Mukogawa Women's University signed the agreement.


Upon signing the agreement, President Imaoka said, "I am extremely pleased that a comprehensive partnership agreement has been signed between us. My impression is that the relationship between the two universities is strongly tied to home economics. I hope that we will continue to cooperate with each other to enhance higher education for women in the Kansai region." President Seguchi added, "Nara Women's University has similar departments and we have been in contact for some time. We would like to continue to promote exchange of students, faculty members, development of female talent, credit transfer, etc., step by step, starting from where we can.”


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