<日本語/English> 経営学部が兵庫県と連携して実施していた起業人育成講座が終了。起業に踏み出す受講生も現れました。


English below.









The Entrepreneurship Training Course, which was conducted by the School of Business Administration in cooperation with Hyogo Prefecture, has come to an end.


On March 14, the six-month course for fostering entrepreneurs, which the School of Business Administration had been conducting since October in cooperation with Hyogo Prefecture, came to a close with its final session. The theme of the course was "Polish Your Planning Skills and Make Your Dreams Come True!" 15 people participated in the course, which was open to the general public under the theme of "Start Your Own Business."


The 11 sessions were divided into three phases: "business idea generation," "business model creation," and "business plan creation." In the lectures, participants learned the basics necessary for starting a business, such as marketing, business model design, and financial income and expenditure planning. In addition, a small and medium enterprise diagnostician acted as a mentor to support the practical aspects of the business plan, such as numerical targets. In addition, professional "coaching" was provided to support the mental aspect of the participants to help them achieve their goals by taking advantage of their individual experiences and strengths.


Some of the students actually started their own businesses. Ms. Narumi Tanaka resigned from her company in December 2022 during the course. She started her own company, ASTANE, which supports small and medium-sized enterprises in their use of digital technology. "The course gave me the push I needed to start my own business," she said. I want to use my experience and skills to support small and medium-sized enterprises, which support Japanese industry.


Among the participants were also graduates. Madoka Nakagiri, a graduate of the Human Environment Sciences, left her previous job in 2021 to start a company called "Sorato-Q," which is involved in a wide range of businesses, including education and real estate management. He took this course because she "wanted to create new content to solve local issues using DX. Through the coaching, I was able to identify what I wanted to do and what I should do, and my goals became more concrete," she said.



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