Aiko Sugihara, a member of the gymnastics team, graduated from Mukogawa Women's University Junior College.


Aiko Sugihara, a member of the gymnastics team who competed in two Olympic Games, graduated from the Junior College's Department of Health and Sport Studies on January 19.


On the morning of the 19th, Ms. Sugihara attended the graduation ceremony held at the Koe Memorial Auditorium. Her parents, who supported her in balancing her student and athletic life, also attended the ceremony to celebrate. After the ceremony, Ms. Sugihara received her diploma from her homeroom teacher, Ms. Tokunaga, and took commemorative photos with her friends to say goodbye.


The graduation of a world-class athlete from the sport attracted a great deal of attention, and both NHK and Kansai Television visited the site to cover the event. Ms. Sugihara said, "It seems like it was a long time, but it all happened so fast. It was an enjoyable student life where I was able to learn what I wanted to learn, compete, and make more connections with people. My fondest memory is the Tokyo Olympics. I am very grateful to have competed in the Olympics from Mukogawa Women's University and to have had the support of everyone."


From April, she will serve as a Mukogawa Women's University Reinforcement Coach (Junior Athlete Development) for gymnastics competitions, mainly for students at the affiliated junior and senior high schools. When asked about her determination as a member of society, she replied, "I want to work with a heightened sense of responsibility and sense of self-awareness as a member of society. I will not forget to appreciate, continue to learn, experience various things, and have fun while doing my best," she said with a smile.


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