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The graduation ceremony of Mukogawa Women's University Junior College and the graduation ceremony of the Graduate School of Mukogawa Women's University for the academic year 2022 were held.


Mukogawa Women's University Junior College's Class of 2022 graduation ceremony was held on March 19 at the Koe Memorial Auditorium. This year, for the first time in four years, there were no restrictions on the number of attendees, and 329 graduates were awarded diplomas and degrees in the presence of their parents and others.


At the ceremony, President Kazuyoshi Seguchi handed out diplomas to each of the seven graduating seniors of the junior college, congratulating them on their achievements. In his address, President Seguchi praised the power of the students who continued to look forward during the two years they spent with the Corona disaster, and said, "You have moved forward in your student days by being creative and ingenious in everything you do. I am confident that the experience and knowledge that you have accumulated will surely become your strength and support you in your future."


The valedictorian of the graduating class, Ms. Masunaga (Department of Japanese Language and Culture) replied, "I was anxious when I entered the school and immediately started online classes, but that experience made me feel the importance and warmth of the relationships with my friends. I will keep in my mind as a valuable asset what I have learned from the professors in the specialized and general education courses and what I have gained from spending time with my friends".


In the afternoon, the graduate school completion ceremony was held in the Media Hall of the Kusaka Memorial Multimedia Hall, where diplomas and degrees were awarded to 12 students in the doctoral program, 87 in the master's program, and 6 in the major program.


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