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卒業生総代の薬学部薬学科の松下美佳さんは「総合大学ならではの学科を超えた授業を受講でき、視野が広がると同時に、他学科の人と繋がることで新たな刺激をもら うことができました」と、武庫川女子大学ならではの学びに感謝するとともに、病院実習で自らの提案がきっかけで、患者さんの笑顔を見ることができた経験を振り返り、「こ れから社会に出て病院薬剤師として従事する者として、ここで学んだことを胸に精一杯頑張りたい」と決意を語りました。







Graduation ceremonies for the three faculties of Mukogawa Women's University were held, completing the schedule of graduation and completion ceremonies for this academic year.


Mukogawa Women's University held graduation ceremonies for the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Health and Sports Sciences, and the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the Koe Memorial Auditorium on March 20, completing three days of graduation and completion ceremonies for the 2022 academic year.


Graduating on the 20th were 234 students from the School of Education, 210 from the School of Health and Sports Sciences, and 194 from the School of Pharmacy.


Mika Matsushita, the valedictorian of the graduating class, from the Department of Pharmacy, expressed her gratitude for the unique learning experience at Mukogawa Women's University, saying, "I was able to take classes that transcended departments as only Mukogawa Women's University can, which broadened my perspective and gave me new stimulation by being connected with people from other departments. She also reflected on her experience of seeing the smiles on the faces of patients as a result of her own suggestions during her hospital training, and expressed her determination, "As I go out into the world and work as a hospital pharmacist, I will do my best with what I learned here in mind."


Following last year, this year's graduation ceremony was presided over by a student, and student volunteers played an active role in giving the graduates a lively send-off. Photo spots for commemorative photos were set up in various locations. The campus was decorated in a festive mood with balloon art in the courtyard and in the Building of Literature No. 2. In addition, video messages from faculty and staff of each department were filmed in advance and shown on the screen before and after the ceremony.


One of the student volunteers, Miki Ikegaki, a third-year student in the Department of Psychology and Social Welfare said, "It was a great experience for us to hear the voices of teachers and staff from other departments that we rarely encounter in our daily work, and to be able to conduct interviews with graduates too."


 A stuffed MWU character, Lavy also made an appearance on campus. Graduates who had completed their graduation ceremony the day before visited the campus in hakama (traditional Japanese dress) and enjoyed taking commemorative photos with their friends.


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